Historia del dia de la Madre

Mother's Day Story

There are several theories about the first celebrations of Mother's Day, one of them is that this celebration took place in its beginnings in Greece, where REA, the mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, was honored.

Another theory includes Egypt as the place of the first festivities, where the goddess Isis known as "the great mother" was the center of homage. Also, in the Roman Empire it was celebrated to worship the goddess Cibeles, "the mother goddess".

The Romans called this celebration Hilaria, it was celebrated for 3 days in the temple of Cibeles, where offerings were made. With the advent of Christianity, they also began to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Around the twelfth century, in England something called Mother's Sunday was also celebrated, children went to mass and returned with gifts for their mothers.

In the closest history, it should be noted that around the year 1865, the Virginia activist Ann Jarvis organized meetings for mothers, where they exchanged opinions on current issues.

These meetings called by Jarvis continued for several years until after his death, when his daughter, Anna Jarvis, to commemorate the death of her mother, organized Mother's Day every second Sunday in May. Officially, Mother's Day was recognized with President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

In many Latin American countries, Mother's Day is celebrated in May, on the first Sunday or second Sunday, other countries such as Argentina, Panama and Costa Rica have other dates during the year. But the official day of mothers and fathers day, according to the UN, is June 1.

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