La sensación de ser mamá

The feeling of being a mom

There is a very beautiful popular phrase that says, mom is the only person who transports you 9 months in her womb, 3 years in her arms and all your life in her heart. And you are absolutely right, it is. Mothers are the only beings capable of understanding their children with just a look. Mothers look at their children's faces and already know if what they have is hungry, bad tempered or frustrated. A mother gives everything she has and more to meet both the physical and emotional needs of her children.

Mothers have changed their goals and their dreams to take care of another human being, probably the most selfless action and the purest display of love that can be shown to another human being. From the moment of the beautiful news of maternity, there is a radical change in the brain of the mothers, now all their strength and commitment are devoted to raising their children, accompanying them on the path of life, where there are many beautiful moments. but also other complicated ones.

Being a mother is a task that never ends as long as life lasts. Courage and perseverance will now become two qualities that will never disappear from your mother's personality.

It does not matter the character of your children, if they are crying or smiling, they speak little or a lot, they like to sing or dance, good at math or arts, for a mother, children will never stop being exceptional, adorable and the best they could pass.

For this reason and many more that we fall short of, mothers are the foundation of families, the center of support and solutions, and the tireless defenders of the most precious thing that life gave them: their children.

If you have your mom alive, don't stop telling her how important she is and how much you love her.

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