Por que regalar un brassier en el día de la madre

Why give a bra on mother's day

With the arrival of the month of May, many are getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day, a holiday that undoubtedly represents profits for merchants and also an opportunity to show off with a good gift.

Although many choose to invite her to lunch, or take her to a place of her liking or some other plan, the truth is that physical gifts do not go out of style.

That's why we want to give you these options for a super comfortable bra that fits your mom's tastes.

Bra Strapples

Ideal for strapless, sleeveless, low-cut dresses, it has silicone elastics that help it fit completely around the body, preventing it from moving out of place, this garment is quite comfortable and can be used on a heavy bust.

Leo cup bra

It is a silhouette that has very good capacity since it has a high-coverage cup, the bust is completely covered and stored in the cup, this silhouette is ideal for loose-fitting blouses and loose dresses, it is a comfortable basic garment that can be used for any bust type.

Abba cup bra

This bra silhouette has a medium enhancement, which helps us women who do not have such a large bust, since the subtle padding that it has inside naturally enhances it. This is the ideal bra to wear with tight-fitting garments with a deep neckline.

Remember that in this time of mom we have to make her day something special, think about taking care of your mom.

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