Que regalar a mamá en Pettacci.

What to give mom in Pettacci.

What to give mom in Pettacci.

An important date in the year is approaching and with it, thinking about gifts for Mother's Day, don't worry! We want to give you 4 ideas that Pettacci brings to you and we know they will make mom happy.

Tips for choosing the best gifts for Mother's Day

  Remember your mother's tastes, what would she like to receive?: a box of chocolates, flowers or a surprise detail?

 Plan everything in advance, so you don't miss anything.

 You can choose between these options, any idea is perfect for mom.

Ideas to give surprise details with Pettacci on Mother's Day:

  Some beautiful trendy jeans with a wide leg or a straight cut... maybe your mom is a little more classic and opted for classic cut jeans and skinny boots, which one do you see your mom in?

 A unicolor swimsuit with uneven cuts, if you prefer a print with a little more coverage? These swimsuits will be arriving very soon.

A bag according to her taste, small with subtle and flirty touches, or suddenly a larger and more functional bag, remember that as women we always keep our house in our bag.

A bra, which garment is the one your mom likes to wear the most? Low-cut garments, for this one a strapless bra, or she likes to have the bust enhanced, a push app bra (medium enhancement) or if it is classic, a high-coverage cup silhouette.

Remember that we have these products and more in our physical stores in Bayamón, Ponce and Aguadilla, through authorized distributors that you find throughout the island or on our website www.pettacci.shop

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